Performance Management

Organization independently from their sectors must adopt today’s management best practices in order to keep their competitive advantage. In today’s world, environmental , economic and geopolitical volatility are putting pressure on businesses ability to manager their organizational risks. Strategic management accounting is based on a combination of strategic, accounting and management technical knowledge and practices geared towards creating value for businesses.

Scenario based analysis of financial and non financial utilization

The capacity to solve problems, the ability to take ethical decision in a complex and ambiguous environment, allows us to tackle the complex problematic faced by today`s business leader and to clearly articulate and communicate the action plan to address them.

Typical mandate:

  • Understand your business financial management stakes (Stocks, Budget, Cash flow)
  • Optimize your operations and control their costs (CRM, Dashboard, Profitability analysis)
  • Manage your growth (Strategic and operational stakes, Investment, M&A)