Project Management

Our team will put in place a structure that will allow your organization to manage efficiently and successfully your projects.
Our qualified consultants possess project management core competencies, effective relational skills, and a wide array of technical skills. We are involved in various industries, industrial engineering, software, marketing and finance. We work on project involving new product development, new service implementation or internal improvement initiative (for example quality control process, productivity improvements or customer management)
      The key competency that our team will bring to your project team
  • Project management tools “an understanding of the main project analytic tool and the ability to manage cost and delay. Through techniques like functional analysis, work breakdown structure, Gantt and PERT chart, cost control through acquired value, etc.” .
  • Technical know how “A purely managerial project manager could stay in place for long if he can’t technically challenge the core of the problems with his technical team member” .
  • Understanding the project environment “In order to efficiently manage a project, the manager must always keep in mind the historic of the project, historic that he must build through out the execution of it. The knowledge of the historical elements of the project is a core competency in itself, and can only be acquired through a active participation and implication in all aspects of the project.” .
  • Social competencies ; “In practice, the ability to mobilize all the actors involved even and especially when he doesn’t have the formal authority to do so is the main difficulty faced by the project manager. The project manager network, his personal skills to defend his project or to negotiates with the key actors becomes invaluable resources.” .
  • The ability to understand and facilitate information flow between the teams  “The project manager can be seen as an interface actor, that facilitate discussions. He also act as an integrator, with a mission to coordinate and interconnect the different team independently of their skill set.“.